Installation instruction for IBM T42 (Model 2373 - 3YG)

ThinkPad T42 (IBM Think Express Program)

1) Ensure that you have BIOS version 3.13 or higher. The version of the bios is displayed at boot time by pressing the  blue "Access IBM" at boot time followed by F1. If you need to update the BIOS check the IBM web site or see file:// Web Distribution/BIOS Update

2)  Ensure that you have Embedded Controller version 3.04 or higher. The version of the Embedded Controller is displayed at boot time by pressing the  blue "Access IBM" at boot time followed by F1. If you need to update the version of the Embedded Controller check the IBM web site or see file:// Web Distribution/ThinkPad Embedded Controller Program Update Utility

3) Run the standard CERN Diane installation and Install Windows XP. Instructions for this installation are available at

4) Reboot the computer at least two times to ensure that all NICE standard applications are installed

5) After a reboot, you will find the specific IBM software for the T42 in the directory


You have 2 options:

Automatic installation: As administrator (Start -> All Programs -> Nice Admin -> Console as admin) run the batch file \\\dfs\Applications\IBM\ThinkPad\T42\install.bat This will install the same set of IBM drivers and application as distributed in the CERN image. then proceed to step 7.

Manual / Minimal installation: The manual installation allow you to chose which IBM specific software is to be install in your laptop.

  1. Copy the directory \\\dfs\Applications\IBM\ThinkPad\T42\IBMTOOLS to the root of the local C: drive. Do not change the name of the IBMTOOLS directory and their subdirectories. After this operation you should have a C:\IBMTOOLS directory in the local disk.
  2. Install the "IBM Software installer" by running the program C:\IBMTOOLS\UPDATES\WIN\SWINST\SETUP.EXE
  3. When the installation is terminated, run the "Start" - "Programs" - "Access IBM" - "Thinkpad Software Installer" application. Press "Next" twice until you see the picture below.
  4. Select the following mandatory items, otherwise your Thinkpad will not work correctly:
    - Access IBM (on line help, handled by the blue "Access IBM" button on the keyboard)
    - IBM Integrated 56 k modem
    - IBM Thinkpad Audio Features VI
    - IBM Thinkpad Battery Maximiser and Power Management Features
    - IBM Thinkpad Configuration
    - IBM Thinkpad Power Management Driver
    - IBM Thinkpad Ultranav Driver (Ultranav is the combined stick-thouchpad pointing device)
    - Intel Chipset Support II
    - Intel(R) PRO/Wireless LAN 2100 3B Mini PCI Adapter
    - On Screen Display (gives visual feedback when IBM specific keys are pressed)
    - Thinkpad Video Features (ATI Mobility-RADEON/FIRE GL Series) (install the updated Video driver)
  5. You are also recommended to install the following applications. These are not mandatory but are part of the default CERN NICE installation.
    - IBM Thinkpad Presentation director (Handles the FN+F7 key)
    - IBM Thinkpad Ultranav Wizard (Allow fine tuning of the stick and the touchpad)
    - Scroll Lock utility (displays in the system tray when the "scroll lok" key is active)
    - Thinkpad Full Screen Magnifier (Implemented by the FN-Spacebar key)
    - Thinkpad Web navigation keys agent (enables the "forward" and "Backward" keyboard keys - near the arrow keys - when navigating the web)
    - IBM Thinkpad Keyboard Customizer Utility (allows additional FN keys and shortcuts)
    - Intervideo WinDVD (if you want to watch DVDs). Note that you have to install the the full product from C:\IBMTOOLS\APPS\DVDPLAY and then update it from C:\IBMTOOLS\UPDATES\WIN\DVD (or from the IBM Web site)
  6. If you want, you can also install the additional IBM applications, for example the "IBM Access connections", "IBM Active Protection System", "IBM Thinkpad EasyEject Utility", and other tools. Note that these have not been tested and are not supported within NICE. In addition to those displayed by the "IBM Software installer", you also have the "IBM Rescue and Recovery with Rapid Restore" (Available from C:\IBMTOOLS\APPS\IBMRNR, with updates from the IBM Web site) and "IBM Recordnow", a CD recording application (note that windows XP has built-in CD recording capabilities) (Available from C:\IBMTOOLS\APPS\RECNOW with updates from the IBM Web site,

6) reboot and try all applications before disconnecting your computer from the network. You are ready to go.